"Jade Patteri is one of the most outstanding young triple threats that I've ever seen. Her gifts and skills are executed with excellence and professionalism and her personality and spirit are a pure joy to be around."Actor/Director/Producer (Sunset Boulevard, Les Mis, Phantom), Moses singing voice -The Prince of Egypt and Multi Grammy nominee, Amick Bryam.
"Jade brings a rare combination of realism, comedic timing, and raw yet intellectual emotion to all her characters. You can't help but watch her." Award Winning Film Producer and Writer (Dancer Texas, Indivisible), Peter White
"Jade is a consummate professional with rare talent that does it all: act, sing, dance, write, direct and choreograph. Any production fortunate to have her will be greatly enhanced." Writer(48 Angels) and Director, Craig Holland
"Jade Patteri is a talented young lady who has a bright future as a true triple threat. As a Broadway Veteran and vocal teacher, knowing that Jade is a part of the next group of talented, ambitious and young performers should reassure all of Broadway enthusiasts that the next generation is dynamic!" Broadway performer and Vocal Coach, Julia Gregory

Jade was chosen by the JRAY (John Raitt) Awards to represent Southern California High School students Off Broadway at the NYC Broadway Artist Alliance Showcase.