• Aaron Benward
    Jade Patteri's artistry is riddled with honesty, integrity and creativity. In the modern day music landscape where songwriters have become more about musical hooks, and simple, repetitive lyrics, Jade excels in her art thru the unique world perspective she has and the way she integrates into her music." Mutli - CMA and ACM Nominated Singer/Songwriter.
    Aaron Benward
    Nashville UnPlugged Founder and Film Producer
  • Nikki Leonti-Edgar.
    Some people are amazing vocalists, some are amazing writers and some just incredibly gifted in delivering a song. But, few people can do it all...very few. I was inspired and delighted when I experienced the multifaceted talents of Jade Patteri. She is someone you will see and hear again. She can truly do it all."
    Nikki Leonti-Edgar.
    Singer-Songwriter - Billboard top 200 artist and Americas Got Talent finalist